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The #1 Feature in Ruby on Rails 7
The newest and most impressive feature in Ruby on Rails by far is the new Hotwire (HTML Over The Wire) technology which empowers solo developers to compete with the big-tech-driven Single-Page-Applications. Hotwire lets you build full-stack web applications without compromising on user experience. This is possible because of some new developments that happened in recent years. But most importantly, because of HTTP2 and Websockets. The main difference between Single-Page-Applications (SPAs) and Hotwire applications is that SPAs use JSON to fetch data from an API and then build the HTML on the client (via Javascript), while Hotwire applications keep everything on the server and only send HTML fragments over to the client. So there is no duplicating logic on both client and server, no more state management nightmares, etc. Everything has become a lot simpler and easier for Ruby on Rails developers. So learning Hotwire will empower you to build responsive (as in quick to respond to user interactions) web applications with 50% of the effort. Because instead of building two applications, you can now build one. And instead of keeping up with the latest and greatest (not) in the Javascript world, you can leverage your Ruby on Rails knowledge. Hotwire makes Ruby on Rails shine in a world driven by big-tech SPAs. [Learn more about this course here](https://mixandgo.com/lp/learn-hotwire?utm_source=school&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=learn_hotwire&utm_content=course_description)
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Get up to speed with Hotwire in less than 1h
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Learn why Hotwire is a game changer not just for Rails but for web development in general
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