Vim for Ruby on Rails Developers

Learn how to write code at the speed of thought. This video course will show you how to use the most powerful editor in the world.
Here's What You'll Get... - Understand how to use the most powerful editor in the world effectively - Learn how to write codes as fast as you can think about it - Find out what the Ruby on Rails-specific workflow looks like **Table of contents:** - Why Vim - The setup - The plugins - Saving and quitting - Cut / Copy / Paste - Vim Modes - Changing text - Moving around fast - Splitting windows - Undo and redo - Repeating commands - Operating around/between delimiters - Spellchecking - Swapping method arguments - Searching and replacing text - Switching between files - Repeating complex commands with macros - Exploring projects - Navigating a Rails project - Jumping to method definitions - Visiting a gem's source code - Running tests from Vim - Using Git [Get it here](
Battle Tested
I use this NeoVim setup to write my Rails code
10x Your Coding Speed
Learn to code at the speed of thought
Nothing Can Beat Vim/Neovim
Over the years I've tried all editors/IDEs on the market. And I always come back to Vim. It's that powerful.